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I view landscapes as a cultural metaphor which provides a context for my work. By extracting textures and compositional structures from urban agglomerations and reinterpreting them graphically, a growing series of imaginary city landscapes emerges.

The underlying face of a city can be uncanny, sinister or even menacing. This thought formed the starting point for a series of drawings where contrasts, conversions and specific attributes of existing cities are used as both foundation and fodder. In Istanbul, the city thrives while facing the permanent threat of earthquakes and the annihilation of large parts of the population. In Tashkent, Uzbekistan a communist-era telecommunication tower looms, while just a few streets away, handmade clay bricks dry in the sun. On the island of Montserrat in the Caribbean Sea, a volcano covers the hastily abandoned capital with a layer of lava. Above lies a strange uninhabited landscape, pocked with the uppermost parts of the ruined city, forming an entrance to a buried underworld of collapsed edifices.

Several of my drawings refer to Tokyo, and explore the contrast between the modest workshops and objects of craftsmen and the huge metropolis in which they live and work. At each workshop visited during a residency at the Tokyo Wondersite—a tortoiseshell craftsman, a wood craftsman, a window screen maker, a brush maker, a tabi maker, a chopstick maker and a textile dyeing workshop, to name a few—sketches record the working process and physical attributes of the environment, such as the texture of the materials and the forms of the tools. This sketch material is applied over city structures in the attempt to uncover the polarities of the metropolis.

In 2013, a large-scale drawing was commissioned by UHI Bohemia and is based on features drawn from the city of Prague. Fragments of stories lay under a rugged landscape of tiled roofs; the canopy of the city provides shelter for an infinite collection of tales based on existing legends and observation of the city’s microcosm of characters. Like a palimpsest, where an original drawing has been erased and overwritten, one figure is layered over the next. This becomes a dense texture; the historic sediment of Prague, piled layer by layer in its buildings and monuments.

The city of Zoetermeer is the subject of another commission. A historic site of peat excavation in the Netherlands during the 16th and 17th centuries, the drawing imagines the formerly excavated volumes of earth placed back in the contemporary suburban landscape of barn houses, farms and windmills.

In each drawing, I follow a consistent methodology. Beginning with a research period, I dig into the written and visual history of a subject and, if possible, expand upon this research in person in the field. This information forms a foundation which, through sketching, evolves into conceptual and formal development.

By delving into the physical and cultural fabric of cities around the globe, I am building a repertoire of textures, objects and emblems that I incorporate into my drawings of imaginary landscapes.

Selected Publications

Scratches 1
Scratch Books

Het financieele Dagblad

De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender

Imagine Architecture
Gestalten Publishers

Stad in Beeld, Beeld van een Stad
Catalogue; 2013

De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender


Hermetic City
h<art> magazine, Edition 94; March 2012

Huge magazine; November 2011

The Semiotics of Illustration
IDN magazine, Edition 15; 2008


Het Nieuwe Instituut
Rotterdam; 2014

Radio Calling
TENT at the Witte de With
Rotterdam; 2014

The Universe and Other Systems
The Banff Centre
Banff; 2014


Mondriaan Fonds
Working Grant; 2014

The Universe and Other Systems
Artist in Residence; 2014

Mondriaan Fonds
Working Grant; 2012

Fonds BKVB, Tokyo Wonder Site
Artist in Residence; 2011


Carla and Hugo Brown
Private Collection
The Hague

UHI Bohemia
Corporate Collection

Various Private Collections


Technical University Delft
Drawing Instructor, Faculty of Architecture
Delft; 2014—Present

Amsterdam School of the Arts
Drawing Instructor, Faculty of Architecture
Amsterdam; 2014—Present

Education and Work

Design Academy Eindhoven
Bachelor of Design
Eindhoven; 2000—2007

Elisava Design School
Study Abroad
Barcelona; 2004

Studio Makkink & Bey
Public Space, Furniture and Interior Design
Rotterdam; 2007—2010

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Other Spaces
Galerie Frank Taal
Rotterdam; April 2017

Georg Bohle
Amsterdam Drawing
Amsterdam; September 2015

Imaginary Landscapes
Galerie Frank Taal
Rotterdam; April 2015

Open Studio
Banff Centre
Banff; August 2014

Re: Rotterdam
Rotterdam; February 2013

Open Studio
Tokyo Wonder Site
Tokyo; September 2011

de Aanschouw
Rotterdam; August 2011

NAI Nest 18
Dutch Architecture Institute (NAI)
Rotterdam; December 2007

Selected Group Exhibitions

The End, Let's Start Again
Berlin, December 2016

What Next (Picture Tomorrow)
Expositieruimte 38CC
Delft, July–August 2016

Inside Out
Galerie Frank Taal
Rotterdam, March—April 2016

Rotterdam Contemporary
Rotterdam, February 2016

CIAP Association For Contemporary Art
Hasselt; June—October 2014

Connected 010@020
Galerie Roger Katwijk
Amsterdam, June—July 2014

Georg Bohle, Cindy Jansen en Bas Zoontjens
Rechtbank Rotterdam
Rotterdam; February 2014

The Great Last Minute Art Fair
Galerie Frank Taal
Rotterdam; February 2014

Rechtbank Rotterdam
Rotterdam; February 2014

Hello@Spinnerei Leipzig
Spinnerei Leipzig
Leipzig; September 2013

Stad in Beeld, Beeld van een Stad
Stedelijk Museum Zwolle
Zwolle; June 2013

Zoetermeer Utopia
Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer
Zoetermeer; May 2013

Imaginairy Cities and Dutch Cowboys
Galerie Frank Taal
Rotterdam; April 2013

Figure This
Galerie Frank Taal
Rotterdam; July—September 2012

Slick Art Brussels
Brussels; April 2012

Hermetic City
Rotterdam; March 2012

Paviljoen Rotterdam
Rotterdam; February 2012

C'era una Volta
Galerie Frank Taal
Rotterdam; May 2011

Project area Dek22
Rotterdam; September 2010

Version Fest / Dark Matter
Eastern Expansion
Chicago; April 2009